Caring for Seniors From a Distance

May 29, 2020By Best CareSenior Home Care

Many people live in close proximity to their senior relatives—perhaps in the same city, neighborhood, or even home—but many do not. You may live across the state or country from your loved one, yet you still want to make sure they are receiving quality care.  If you can’t be physically present with your parents or … Read More

Approaches for Helping Seniors Navigate Technology

May 22, 2020By Best CareSenior Home Care

Approaches for Helping Seniors Navigate Technology Caregivers can help improve the lives of seniors by helping them achieve a longer period of independence and self-sufficiency. One way caregivers can do this is by teaching them how to navigate the world of technology.  Technology doesn’t need to be frustrating for an older adult. It can actually … Read More

Home Care Tips for Alzheimer’s Patients

January 21, 2020By Best CareSenior Home Care

Providing home care services to someone living with either Alzheimer’s or dementia takes great patience, flexibility, and careful planning to ensure your loved one maintains a happy life in the comforts of home. If you’re caring for a parent or grandparent struggling with memory loss and confusion, here are some tips to help you simplify … Read More

How Much Do Personal Care Assistants Make?

September 6, 2019By Best CareSenior Home Care

Considering a career in homecare services? There are many amazing benefits available to personal care assistants at Best Home Care, including flexible hours, PTO, holiday pay, and more. If you’re an individual taking care of a family member, you’ll also benefit from the added sense of security that comes from knowing your loved one’s health … Read More

Can I Become A PCA if I Have a Disability?

August 9, 2019By Best CareSenior Home Care

If you’re curious about pursuing a career in the homecare industry, you may have questions regarding your eligibility for becoming a Personal Care Assistant (PCA). Homecare services for individuals living with a disability is available in the state of Minnesota. But what if you’re living with a disability and your loved one is in need … Read More

The Best Memory-Boosting Foods for Seniors in Home Care

June 28, 2019By Best CareSenior Home Care

As Alzheimer’s Awareness Month comes to an end, we wanted to wrap up this month’s blog topics with something a little different. As we’ve already discussed the benefits of behavioral home care and how to recognize the early signs of Alzheimer’s, this week, we thought it’d be helpful to share information on some memory-boosting foods … Read More