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In-Home Care for Adults with Autism

October 4, 2021

When discussing autism spectrum disorder, and who it affects, the focus is often on children living with the condition. But when it comes to home care services and personal care assistants, age does not determine the difference that these services can make in someone’s life. 

At Best Care, we recognize this and have provided some helpful tips on how to care for adults with autism.

Caring for adults with autism

  • Make an effort to understand adult services in your state and know what services and options are available to better understand your role as a caregiver. There are often professionals and group sessions that can aid in your personal care tasks, bringing greater benefits to both you and the recipient of care. For example, be aware of support groups and programs that could benefit adults with autism.
  • Understand that there are varying degrees of this disorder. Some adults with autism are able to live independently, while others must rely on parents, caregivers, or loved ones for support. Listen to the wants of the recipient of care and match the services you offer accordingly.
  • Keep an eye out for behaviors and tendencies that can be harmful. Some adults may have obsessive-compulsive symptoms that can greatly impact their health – especially if they have difficulty expressing their needs to others. This might include habits related to eating, exercise, or other parts of the daily routine.
  • Be aware of the characteristics of those with autism. Many show signs of object fixation, struggle with emotional reciprocity, or have high intelligence but difficulty performing in jobs. Many adults with autism are not able to live completely independently and, as a result, are under a lot of stress and experience a lot of frustration. Know that having the capability of working or socializing doesn’t mean that an adult will be as capable in other areas. Be prepared to adapt to the needs of the recipient of care.

The benefits of respite care for young adults with autism

If you care for a loved one with autism, there are several challenges that can prove draining for many. There’s no shame in admitting you need help or a break. In fact, only your fully-rested, healthy self can do the best for the recipient of care.

Respite care for adults with special needs can offer you and other caregivers time to take care of other responsibilities, such as other family members or personal tasks, or just to regain energy and have time to yourself. Hiring a PCA for specific times of day also helps to develop a routine, which can be hugely beneficial to people with autism.

At Best Care, we are here to support you. When it comes to quality home care, regardless of the level of care needed, personal care assistants can help make life easier and provide peace of mind for family and friends. 

For more information on our services, call us at (651) 330-2550.

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