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6 Fun Games to Play with Children Living with a Disability

August 18, 2022

Many children have tons of energy and require physical activity. That means that a lot of children’s games are designed with movement in mind—but not all.

Finding games that suit all levels of ability doesn’t have to mean boring, restrictive games. In fact, there are games children with limited mobility can play that provide various physical and mental health benefits.

Here’s a look at how they can help and some ideas to get you started.

How Can Games Benefit Pediatric Home Services?

Not only are games a must for many parents and caregivers to keep children distracted and engaged, but play can also encourage better social skills, improved confidence, and a host of other host benefits. Some games can even help improve muscle strength or flexibility for children who have limited mobility.

Finding the right game to fit the child in your care can take some fine-tuning, but we have a few good starting points for anyone looking for some fresh inspiration.

Games Children with Limited Mobility Can Play

While lots of children with disabilities might have different levels of mobility, you can often adapt games to match everyone’s needs. Here are a few ideas, but don’t be afraid of getting creative and adapting them to your child’s abilities!

Musical Games

  • Keep The Beat Here: One child starts to keep a beat by tapping on a specific part of their body. Other children or family members then copy the action. The adult coordinator of the game should then point to another child and have that child start keeping the beat on a different part of the body.
  • Name The Song: For slightly older children, play well-known songs from TV shows or films that they love. The first person to name where the song comes from, or sing the next line, wins!

Outdoor Games

  • Tennis Ball Race: Gathers a group of children into a circle and encourage them to pass a ball onto the next person. Once the second or third child receives the first ball, you introduce a second tennis ball into the circle. The goal of the game is for the second ball to catch up to the first ball, improving dexterity and quick thinking among the children.
  • Boccia: This game can be played by children with a variety of disabilities, including those in wheelchairs. Boccia involves rolling game balls near a target ball, known as a jack. The person who gets their game balls closest to the jack wins.

Art Games

  • Dough or Clay Time: Use dough or clay to create fun, artistic creations. For children with limited mobility, you might find that cookie cutters or cups with large handles can be easier to use.
  • Guess The Smell: Set up several bowls with different smells and textures in them and get your child to guess what’s in them. Go for strong smells they’ll recognize to encourage them to take part, like their favorite soap or food.

Need more inspiration?

If you have any questions about child caregiving, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Best Care. We’re always here to help in any way we can.

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