Starting work as a Personal Care Assistant (PCA) is an exciting, but at times, confusing process, especially without help from an experienced homecare agency. You may have many questions about when you can start work as a PCA, how much you can earn, and how many hours you can work each week. In this post, we wanted to answer these common questions to help you get started with becoming a PCA in Minnesota.

When Can I Start Work As a PCA?

How Many Hours Can I Work?

  • When providing care for a loved one, a PCA assessment will be performed to determine the amount of hours an individual needs homecare services. NOTE: You will be only compensated for those specific hours.
  • According to the MN Department of Human Services website, a PCA is “limited to providing and being paid for up to 275 hours per month of personal care assistance services regardless of the number of recipients being served or the number of PCA provider agencies enrolled with.”
  • For new Best Home Care employees, the number of hours you are authorized to work will be stated in your start work letter. Any existing employees of Best Home Care can contact our office at 651-330-2550 to determine the hours for which they are authorized to work.

Can I Work Overtime?

  • If you are employed by Best Home Care, working overtime (more than 40 hours per week) must first be authorized by Best Home Care, LLC in writing. If you work overtime without authorization by Best Home Care, you will not be paid for it. NOTE: PCA’s that work with PCA Choice clients are not authorized to work overtime!

Best Home Care strives to make home health care simpler, not just for those receiving care but also for those providing care. For any other questions about becoming a PCA in Minnesota, contact us today or visit our website to begin a live chat.