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Is a Pet Right for Your Homecare Patient?

February 16, 2018

Best Home Care specializes in helping seniors and persons with disabilities or special needs find their ideal homecare services. With our expertise, network, and resources, we can assist in helping you find the best home healthcare services in Minnesota.

Among other benefits, personal care assistants can provide friendship and company to their patients. However, there is nothing quite like having a furry friend to spend time with! Having a pet around can provide extensive mental and even physical benefits, such as:

  • Reducing Risk of Heart Disease. Studies have shown that pet ownership may be linked with lower blood pressure, as well as low cholesterol levels. Pet owners are also reportedly more active, which of course provides huge physical benefits.
  • Reducing Loneliness and Isolation. Feelings of loneliness and isolation are very common, especially in senior citizens. Having a furry friend around can make a significant difference in better mental health.
  • Encouraging Daily Routine. For adults that are retired, it can be hard to maintain a daily schedule, which is incredibly important for good mental and physical health. Needing to care for a pet encourages a regular structure.
  • Giving Responsibility. It can be hard for retired or elderly adults to feel the same sense of responsibility or the feeling of being needed as before retiring. Having a pet that relies on them can help with motivation and purpose.

If you have any questions regarding how to best provide home healthcare services to a friend or loved one, feel free to contact us at Best Home Care! You can call us at (651) 330-2550 or email us at info@besthomecaremn.com. For more information on us or our services, be sure to visit our website!

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