In-Home Care for Mobility

As we age, we all face challenges maintaining our daily routines. Perhaps the most discouraging of these challenges is the struggle to move in ways that once came easy. Decreasing bone density and a loss of muscle mass are both to blame for the decline in mobility that seniors typically experience. Climbing stairs, getting out of bed, and walking around the house are daily activities that are essential for living a healthy, independent life. However, many seniors will find themselves overwhelmed by the idea of even walking to the kitchen.

The simple answer to improving mobility is to stay in motion. Today, new technologies and products are helping seniors boost their home health like never before. These tools also play an important safety role by helping to prevent life threatening accidents from occurring. Here are a few of the top products and services on the market today that can enhance a senior’s in-home health and allow them to live a mobile life:

  • Walkers & Canes. Simple but useful tools to improve general mobility.
  • Wheel Chairs & Scooters. Different designs exist to fit any lifestyle or needs.
  • Stair Lifts. A great help for seniors struggling to move between levels.
  • Accessible Bathtubs and Showers. These feature doors at ground level and wide basins to make entering and exiting easy.
  • Senior Transportation Services. Many types of community transportation options exist specifically for seniors.

As a quality home care agency in Minnesota, Best Home Care understands the importance of easing the struggles that seniors face every day. We train all our employees with the skills necessary to provide the best PCA services possible, and our home care professionals will assist you every step of the way to improving your mobility.

Find the right mobility products for you and learn how to use them with help from our trained personal care assistants. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about home health care services or to learn more ways to increase mobility and live a more independent life.