Choosing the Right Home Health Care for Your Family MemberWhen we are faced with a situation we did not expect, most of us either panic or steadfastly declare that we can do it all, regardless the burden.  Asking for help is sometimes not that easy and definitely not that cheap.

When the need arises to get more people involved in the care of the loved one, you might find that you don’t really know what is available and what the appropriate care is for the family member needing the help.

There are many levels of home health care and they are done by different types of providers;

Companionship and Custodial Care – Many seniors find those services very beneficial, especially if they outlive their partner.  This non-medical home health care provides for companionship and help in doing daily tasks; light housework, cooking, grocery shopping. Those may include taking regular walks, escorting at outside excursions like doctor’s visits, help is writing down medication schedule or letter writing. This level of care provides only stand by assistance during bathing, without the need for physical assistance in the act of bathing. The benefits are enormous in the mental, social and health areas, and escorting an aging person on his walks and appointments will help in preventing falls and broken bones.

Non-medical home health care – Those services provide a more close-touch care such as bathing, toileting or dealing with incontinence. The non-medical home health caregiver has to pass specialized training for assistance within the home. Home health care providers in Minnesota for example are required to pass a standardized training then have specialized training for working with each person they are working with. They can also provide other help around the home such as grocery shopping, cooking and light housekeeping. Finally, they can help with getting to and from medical appointments and to community events and activities.

Skilled nursing services – When more skilled treatment is needed there are a few places you can turn: Private Duty Home Health Agencies, some are paid by the state or Medicare, others paid by private insurance, or nurse registries which will help you in finding a skilled nurse in your area. In this case the nurse is hired privately and the person is responsible for paying the nurse directly and abiding by the law as for employment taxes and insurance. Many non-medical home health care companies can direct you to the right nursing service.

In our current health insurance situation, as long as a person needs skilled medical help at home, most insurance companies will provide some kind of help. If the person purchased a long term care policy, those expenses will probably be covered. Also, Medical Assistance covers the cost of home care services in Minnesota.

Compared with institutional help, non-medical home health care is less expensive and more flexible. Each case is evaluated individually, and the level of care and the amount of time the care is needed varies with the needs of the person. A reputable Minnesota Home Care Agency will help you make that important determination.